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Kibo is a rapidly-emerging hip-hop artist based in Austin, Texas with a unique, emotional-bordering-on-dark sound that has true iconic potential. His style is versatile and outlandish, going against the establishment grain just like the non-conformist he’s always been. As with "Stay Away", Kibo’s latest single, “Intimidated”, puts all of his individuality on display and has industry insiders and listeners alike curious about what might be coming next. The track is deep and personal, expressing hard truths against a cinematic beat that pulls listeners into the song’s world. Kibo has drawn comparisons to Travis Scott, Post Malone, and Future but packs more than enough creative vision to remain fresh and compelling.


Kibo was initially inspired by 50 Cent as a kid, going on to play drums and guitar and eventually finding his way to the microphone. At first, music was an outlet for the challenges of life but Kibo honed his craft until he found his sound. Realizing that he could become a globally-known multi-platinum recording artist no matter what negativity was thrown his way, Kibo went all-in and began the journey that made him the artist he is today. Though he is at the beginning of his career, he’s already worked with Grammy-nominated producer Keanu Beats and is ready for more high-profile collaborations. Anyone seeking the next underground rapper who’s set to blow up needs to find Kibo today. 



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